About the Company

Stellar Transport Ltd. is a limited liability company organized under the laws of the Hellenic Republic and is an affiliate of the Stellar group of companies.

Port Agent and Freight Forwarder

Principal business of Stellar Transport is as port agency and freight forwarder. We are staffed and equipped to perform effectively and efficiently for our principals all the usual agency functions, including port agency for ships calling at all the Greek ports, solicitation of cargo originating in or destined to Greece, as well as transshipment of cargoes via Greek ports to or from ports and inland points in all nearby countries in the Balkans, Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.

Our staff is English-speaking, with many years of experience in the transportation industry (ocean, land and air). It is also thoroughly qualified to perform all aspects of shipping agency work, including liaison with customers, sales, equipment control, maintenance and repairs of equipment, freight collections and agency disbursements.

Stellar Transport is agent for Stellar Lines in Greece, and supervising owner's representative for other Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea ports.

Stellar Transport is ISO 9002 certified.

The Greek Market

The import of consumer goods in Greece is booming, especially from other European countries and from the Far East. Furthermore, because of its geographical location and its developed port facilities and infrastructure, Greece plays an important role as a transshipment point to the Black Sea ports and as a gateway into the Balkans. Many inland points in Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria can be reached economically and efficiently through the Greek ports.

Stellar's experience in this field, its sub-agency network at various major Greek port cities (Volos and Thessaloniki) and relations with inland carriers and feeders make it ideally suited to for the forwarding of such cargo throughout Greece.

Shipping Services

We maintain strong contacts with the local Greek market both in the import and export sectors, and we can offer a variety of services to our customers, such as:

  • Cargo route study and transportation recommendation.
  • Freight cost budget and estimates.
  • Point-to-point pricing analysis.
  • Warehousing and consolidation.
  • Sales and marketing.
  • Freight negotiation with carriers.
  • Booking of cargo and documentation.
  • Cargo handling at port or air port and freight collection, local disbursements and accounting.
  • Banking and L/C documentation.
  • Notifications and communication with the customers.
  • Inland on-forwarding to interior points throughout Balkans.
  • Customs clearance.